Our Members

​​​Local 648

Binghamton University - 4400 Vestal Pkwy E, Vestal, NY 13850​​

 p. 607.777.4377

Workers in our Administrative Services Unit:

  • Serve as "first contact" points for the public and most of the departments on campus.
  • Maintain the accurate circulation of hundreds of thousands of books, journals and periodicals in our University Library System, as well as cataloging, shelving and ordering/receiving new books on a regular basis.
  • Operate our Physical Facilities Customer Service Center and our Copy Center.
  • Provide direct assistance to students, professional staff, faculty and administration in a wide array of circumstances, including registration, admissions, undergraduate and graduate services.
  • Perform data entry, generate reports, maintain files, answer phones, obtain, record statistical data and operate a plethora of office equipment and machinery.

Workers in our Institutional Services Unit:

  • Provide daily care and feeding to animals used in University-sanctioned research.
  • Maintain the necessary records for these animals required by state and federal regulatory agencies.
  • Maintain adequate supplies for the care of experimental animals and provide usage reports for budgeting purposes.
  • Work directly with students and professors conducting research to maintain the integrity of their experiments.

Workers in our Operational Services Unit:

  • Perform daily maintenance and cleaning inside and outside of all buildings on campus property.
  • Perform regular grounds-keeping duties, keeping our campus clean and beautiful.
  • Operate and maintain the University's heating/cooling plant and systems around the clock.
  • Provide specialized support in plumbing, carpentry, masonry, painting, electrical and fire alarm installations and repair, fixing existing structures and building additions and new structures.
  • Are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to attend to weather-related needs or other emergency repair situations.