As a labor union, we hold these values as our working principles:

As a labor union, we are committed to union democracy and we follow these values with integrity.

- Diversity:  

    We celebrate our diversity and use it to strengthen us.

- Open Communication:  

    We listen and provide for open communication across
    all parts of  our union and in all directions.

- Accountability:  

    We are accountable for our actions and decisions.

- Fiscal Responsibility:  

    We conduct our business in a fiscally sound manner.

State University of New York at Binghamton

As working men and women - everyone and everywhere - we are our greatest resource. 

We organize and represent workers to ensure our voice is heard, our place at the table is kept, and the American dream is ours in the 21st century.
Photo by James Johnson, retired member of CSEA Local 648

- Honesty:  

   We are honest with ourselves and each other.

- Inclusiveness:  

   Every group, every idea is welcomed.

- Full Participation:

   We encourage and expect full participation in all
   union matters.

- Respect:  

   We respect each other and honor our differences.​​