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     Continuing as partners in excellence at Binghamton University is the focus of our dedicated CSEA-represented workforce. CSEA is the University's second largest Union, representing and advocating for nearly 850 educational staff professionals. Our members are the vital foundation of support behind the day-to-day operations of our campus.
      As our Union, CSEA gives us a voice in our employment, allowing us to be stronger advocates for ourselves, our working conditions, and the campus as a whole. Our Union involvement allows us to be true partners in education and the success of Binghamton University.
     We'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for your past support of the State University system and of the University Center at Binghamton most particularly, and to ask for your continued advocacy in the coming years. We hope that the following information is helpful to you in this regard.

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Updated on September 12, 2014