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Binghamton University - 4400 Vestal Pkwy E, Vestal, NY 13850​​

As a labor union, we are committed to union democracy and we follow these values with integrity.

As a labor union, we hold these values as our working principles:

​​​Local 648

- Diversity:  

    We celebrate our diversity and use it to strengthen us.

- Open Communication:  

    We listen and provide for open communication across

    all parts of  our union and in all directions.

- Accountability:  

    We are accountable for our actions and decisions.

- Fiscal Responsibility:  

    We conduct our business in a fiscally sound manner.

- Honesty:  

   We are honest with ourselves and each other.

- Inclusiveness:  

   Every group, every idea is welcomed.

- Full Participation:

   We encourage and expect full participation in all
   union matters.

- Respect:  

   We respect each other and honor our differences.​​