Who We Are

CSEA Local 648 at Binghamton University is the collective bargaining and political voice for three highly motivated and vital groups of workers, without whom our University could not have achieved national prominence nor set such expansive goals for future growth and enhancement. The Institutional, Operational, and Administrative Services Units provide the services that support and maintain the entire campus community.

Workers in our Institutional Services Unit:

  • Provide daily care and feeding to animals used in University-sanctioned research;
  • Maintain the necessary records for these animals required by state and federal regulatory agencies;
  • Maintain adequate supplies for the care of experimental animals and provide usage reports for budgeting purposes;
  • Work directly with students and professors conducting research to maintain the integrity of their experiments.

State University of New York at Binghamton

Workers in our Operational Services Unit:

  • Perform daily maintenance and cleaning inside and outside of all buildings on campus property;
  • Perform regular grounds keeping duties, keeping our campus clean and beautiful;
  • Operate and maintain the University's heating/cooling plant and systems around the clock;
  • Provide specialized support in plumbing, carpentry, masonry, painting, electrical and fire alarm installations and repair, fixing existing structures and building additions and new structures;
  • Are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to attend to weather-related needs or other emergency repair situations;

Workers in our Administrative Services Unit:

  • Serve as "first contact" points for the public and most of the departments on campus;
  • Maintain the accurate circulation of hundreds of thousands of books, journals and periodicals in our University Library System, as well as cataloging, shelving and ordering/receiving new books on a regular basis.
  • Operate our Physical Facilities Customer Service Center and our Copy Center;
  • Provide direct assistance to students, professional staff, faculty and administration in a wide array of circumstances, including registration, admissions, undergraduate and graduate services; and
  • Perform data entry, generate reports, maintain files, answer phones, obtain and record statistical data and operate a plethora of office equipment and machinery.